Darren Pol

Darren Pol is a comic book illustrator based in Hamilton, Ontario. During his childhood, he was introduced to comics and admired how the illustrations told a cohesive story through a transition of a few panels. He is fascinated by the comic illustrator’s ability to make characters seem plausible in a world of fiction, which is what sparked his interest in the field of comics. The superheroes were a contributing factor because as a kid, he was fascinated with how the fictional characters dealt with real life issues. He liked that aspect to them as he related to the issues that these characters were going through. One would even say he looked up to these fictional characters.

In his work, he uses strong graphic elements to put an emphasis on important aspects in the piece or just look great as a part of the design. His semi-realistic style is important for him as an illustrator to make characters plausible because he wants people to feel the same way he felt when he first discovered comics for the first time. What makes Darren’s illustrations unique from other illustrations is the fusion of graphic and semi realistic elements combined with hip-hop music, which gives Darren’s work a particular flavor. Hip-hop has been a part of his life as much as comics; it has been the main source of his influence which is definitely noticeable in his work.

Darren’s medias of choice include: brush and ink, watercolour, pencil, marker, and digital Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Darren is also interested in illustrating editorial work, album covers, movie posters, and more.

His future ambition is to produce his own comic book for publication.